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Whiteline Performance Centre

A WPC is an authorised specialist tuner with the ability to sell, fit and tune WHITELINE’s quality range of suspension product. It is the perfect value add proposition, as with the high complexity of chassis set ups, merely purchasing the product is not enough these days and the ability to service the consumer with technical advice, installation and tuning is where we recognise the opportunity to differentiate our brand from the rest.

Criteria of a WPC

  • Recognised performance specialist/ tuner
  • Fitting station with lift and wheel aligner
  • Full range of suspension products - ie. coil overs, springs, dampers
  • Ability to offer technical support - ie track set ups, alignment correction

Whiteline Performance Centers

Why become a Whiteline Performance Center?

  • Whiteline is global brand and unique in its offering of performance grip and handling products.
  • You get access to high end performance suspension range of product and services at a competitive price. It is the perfect complimentary range of suspension components to sports springs and crucial coil overs.
  • Most importantly WPC’s have seniority status amongst the Whiteline dealer channels and gain preference to retail (where possible trade support sales) referrals, both web and phone based as it applies to their region/ demographic.
  • Whiteline are extremely active online through forums. As a WPC you get the benefit of this as it creates business walking in the door, calling on the phone, and visiting your website .
  • You get opportunities to add value , such as labour to fit/ tune and up-sell other products that either Whiteline or more importantly your business offers, as Whiteline does not offer a shock, spring, or coil-over solution.
  • Leads to a loyal customer base for ongoing services and performance set ups.
  • Exceptional customer and product support via our Whiteline office.
  • Provide feedback on existing and influence future Whiteline product development.

Are you the next Whiteline Performance Center??   Forward your application to sales@whiteline.com.au, and include the following information:

  • Company Details
  • What you specialise in? ie, Subaru, Mitsubishi, European, Muscle, All Makes, etc…
  • Have you used Whiteline?
  • Do you currently sell Whiteline?
  • Do you install?
  • Do you have a wheel aligner?
  • What suspension brands do you currently sell?
  • What other performance product brands do you currently distribute?
  • Do you sell to the trade or just to retail customers?
  • Do you have a website?
  • How many employees do you have?